School Readiness
School Readiness -Teacher with student

Bradford-Tioga Head Start School Readiness Results

Bradford-Tioga Head Start's School Readiness Mission: Bradford-Tioga Head Start is committed to provide all children school readiness opportunities to prepare for transition. The learning environment supports children’s growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science, social & emotional, arts, physical and approaches to learning.

We have been working with your child throughout the year to get him/her one step closer to being ready for kindergarten; we start this as soon as your child enters the program regardless of which program your child is enrolled in and regardless of your child's age. We believe all of these skills will help your child be successful when he/she does enter kindergarten. On each chart above, you will see the goal category and the percentages for the Fall and Winter assessments that have been completed. Gains are shown in all areas. Together we can make it a successful kindergarten experience!