Grandma Brill

Richard “Dick” Brill, a former foster grandparent assigned to Bradford-Tioga Head Start classrooms recently passed away.  Although he was no longer a foster grandfather in the program, his presence for several years remains in the hearts of many. 

To honor his work in the program, those who hold his memory dear were asked to consider making a donation to Bradford-Tioga Head Start in his memory.  With the monies received, it was decided to use some of the donations to purchase a book, The Night Worker, for each of the children currently enrolled in the Wellsboro classroom where Grandpa Brill was assigned for some of his foster grandparent years. 

The book was also presented to Richard's wife, Helen, who also was a foster grandmother in the program for 12 years.


Grandma Brill

Helen (Grandma) Brill with a copy of the book, The Night Worker, that was given to each child currently enrolled in the Wellsboro Head Start classroom where her late husband, Richard, was a foster grandparent.