Bradford-Tioga Early Head Start, Inc. Teaches Water Play

Canton EHS

Toddlers and water. It can be the perfect combination! Water has a magnetic attraction to most kids plus it’s so simple and fun, that it’s hard to beat!


Here are the “splishy” and the “splashy” facts about the benefits of water play for children:


  1. Develops motor skills – Water Play offers a child many opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills. Children will increase their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through actions like pouring, squirting, scrubbing, stirring and squeezing.


  2. Enhances problem-solving skills – When young children play with water, it gives them a whole new way of looking at and thinking about the wet stuff. When we encourage them to try new things, they will make new discoveries.


  3. Aids in language development – Think of all the chatter that playing in the water can encourage! Talking about what they are doing and imagining will expand their thinking and memory and possibly even increase their vocabulary!


  4. Encourages social-emotional growth - Water play can help a child release energy. It can increase the ability to focus on one activity. And it can also encourage social skills such as sharing and team work.


  5. Builds the foundation for science and math learning - Water Play helps build the foundation for understanding various scientific concepts. Did you know the use of water play can teach basic mathematics? It familiarizes children with words such as Full, Empty, Half, Less. When we measure and compare capacities we are learning science and math skills.


During a recent Early Head Start home visit, Canton Family Partner, Jen Dinan, showed Da’Kai just how much fun (and learning) could happen when you play with water! Miss Jen even introduced a net to help with the gross motor skills. And on a hot summers day, there’s nothing better than splishing and splashing in the cool water!

Canton Early Head Start child, Da'Kai uses a net to catch various toys hidden in the water and bubbles while playing with his sisters.