Wellsboro Early Head Start Gardening Activity

Wellsboro EHS

Gardening is a fun activity for the entire family and helps teach children where our food comes from.  Children are also more likely to try new foods when they helped grow or make them. During a home visit in Wellsboro, Family Partner Donna Cummings, showed Early Head Start child, Lelynd how to plant lettuce seeds. Using a biodegradable cup, potting soil and seeds, they got the project started. On a follow-up home visit Lelynd, his parents and Miss Donna planted the thriving seeds outside. The lettuce grew and grew and soon the family was able to pick and eat it!


Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. is a program that offers state and federally funded programs for pregnant mothers, families and their children, newborn up to the age of 5; this includes Early Head Start, Head Start, and Pre-K Counts services. Its mission “… To provide exceptional, educational opportunities and high quality, supportive services which empower children and families to grow and thrive.”   For more information call 570-638-1400, visit www.bradfordtiogahs.orgor find us on Facebook

Wellsboro EHS Gardening Activity